Firmware and firmware update.

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When having problem with a machine it's crucial for us to know the software (firmware) version in the machine. Also the serial number of the electronic unit is helping. This information is found under the menu [E]62. The E number is related to the Enter button and the buttons marked with 6 and 2 is button found under the display. In the INFO menu press [P]rog button until the firmware and serial number shows up in the display. 

Updating the firmware in the machine can be made by two methods.

  • Replace or remove and send the KEX card to retailer for update. Look at under retailer to find the closest one.
  • Receive the firmware into the machine from another sending machine, RC4 or RC12 connected in the same network onboard. They all share same firmware. Take a look of how to it on out Youtube channel
    • This method requires that the communication between the machines need to be working.  If not check these steps below.
      • Both machines has the network wires in the power supply cable (Brown and White). 
      • All Brown wires are connected to each other, and nothing else.
      • All White wires are connected to each other, and nothing else.
      • The cables also must be connected inside the machine (in older machines they are not connected internally).
      • Finely the firmware in both sending and receiving machine must include a Bootloader. Firmware version with bootloader ends with a BLx in the namne. The first bootloader (BL1) is from 2018. The latest firmware is 1.2152-BL3 which is the third generation of the Bootloader. The "1," in the name is the hardware revision. "21" the year and "52" the week of the year the firmware was released. Never upgrade to an older program (downgrade). Also never ever upgrade a firmware in a machine if the hardware revision is different, like "1.XXXX-BLX" to "2.XXXX-BLX"

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