Firmware 1.2152-BL3

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News and changes in the firmware 1.2152-BL3
  • Hooking zone
    During many years features has been added that handles the wheel close to the surface with alternative values, if desired. "Close to the surface" ment from the Zeropoint and some wheel laps below and the features all had their own set of wheel laps. Now they are combined and moved into one setting called Hooking zone - Above depth and found in menu [E653] (Menu MORE - MORE - HOOK). The setting is now also in set in the machine chosen length unit (Meter, Fathoms or Feet) with one decimal.

    The features that are affected, or that Hooking zone - Above depth now controls, are...
    • Air brake: Slower speed brake when hooks are in the air. Common when fishing for Mackerel.
    • Motor speed: Slower motor speed when hooks are close to the Zeropoint. Ment mostly for Mackerel fishing.
    • Stop at pulley: When using a external stop on the line. 
            Above depth. When not used set to "OFF" This is the factory default value.

            The Soft stop to zeropoint in Automatic mode is also affected in the way that the slowing down is moved out to                     the beginning of the Hooking zone, instead of the Zeropoint. So name is changed to Soft stop to hooking zone. 
  • Cooperation
    Machines now got synchronized fishing lines when cooperating when it comes to pulling up to surface when catch is detected. This has several benefits and it can prevent Seagulls and Seals to steal the catch if too many machines hauls up at same time and catch are left near the surface too long time.

    Now a number of maximum allowed machines that can pull up (1-6) and a minimum number of jigging machines (1-5) that must remain in the catch area can be set, and priority of the two settings. They are set in the master machine in menu COOP [E652].

  • In Mackerel program and Mackerel with jig the fishing lines are always synchronized when hauling up.

  • The Autopause [E2] (the time between pushing the Auto button to when the machine starts the fishing program) is extended to 999 seconds so that machines can be set to different "delays" before the fishing program starts. This makes it possible to give the start commando from a remote machine/controller with one push button press only and walk away. Machines will then start decsend one by one rather then all at once.

  • The display is updated only when needed. This makes the program 20 times faster, and especially good for the communication.

  • Firmware
    • This firmware now fits and runs in 3 products. The Ex and the two remote controllers RC4 and RC12. The firmware can be sent from any product to another via the network. However the firmware must know what product it is running in, and the user must choose the mode. The mode is changed by holding AUTO and UP button for a few seconds for the RC4 mode, or AUTO and STOP button for Ex and RC12 mode.

    • This firmware version comes with the bootloader BL3 which means that products with this firmware can receive firmware only as a single receiver. Not simultaneously with other machines. Other machines then the sending machine and receiving machine should be shut of during update of the firmware.

  • Features with extended limitations
    • Wheel minimum and maximum width extended so that custom made wheel can be used.
    • Extended line outher diameter.
    • Line diameter can be adjusted in step of 0,01mm.

  • Some distances has until now been set in number of wheel pulses and sometimes wheel laps. Now all distances are made in choosen legth (meter/feet or fathoms). Because of this, some lengths might show uneven values like 1,46. This is becuase the machine calculates and shows the line length of the number of choosen magnet pulses (which are hidden) based on number of magnets in wheel, line diameter, line outher diameter and weel width. 

  • PAUSE MODE option to start the motor is removed and is replaced with MOTOR LOCK that passive stops the motor.

  • The communication in the network is now based on ASCII characters and not binary. This makes is easier to read the RS485 communication with a computer. 

  • Motor speeds with MEX card with serial number 8xx will run the motor with 180 RPM at already showed 110RPM in display. This can now be adjusted in the motor menu TORQ as E152PP Maximum speed tuning.

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