Display shows a "M" in the display.

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BJ5000Ex has a catch deph memory that can be used for guiding the machine (and other machines in the network) around the most recent catch depth for a time. The time is called Cooperation assisting time and counts down and is retriggered every time a machine detects catch along with the new catch depth. The machine that holds the latest catch depth shows the "M" in the display. Other machines in the network that cooperates with it does not show "M" but they show a number (1-6) that corresponds to the network address of the machine they help. When assisting time runs out and no more catches are made the catch depth memory is erased and all machines returns to their original settings for fishing depth.

During the cooperation assisting time all machines will adjust it's fishing depth to the set catch depth memory + half the jig length. This will make the future jigging centered around the catch depth.

Settings for Cooperation and Catch memory ("M"):

  1. The assisting time is a global value for all machines in the network and can be adjusted from the master machine, only. It's found in menu E542P.
  2. How and if a machine shall cooperate with other machines is set by the menu E652 Cooperate as follows
    • Disabled: This machines are not cooperating with other machines at all.
    • Help other Ex: This machine will help other machines when they detect catch, but it will not ask for help it self.
    • Ask for help: This machine ask for help when it detects catch, but it will not help other machines.
    • Both: This machine will both help other machines when they detect catch, and ask for help when it detects catch.

I cant remove the "M"

  1. In older firmware the "M" was a bug.  Updating the latest firmware might be needed.
  2. To temporarily erase the catch depth memory press the Auto button a second time(twice) fast.
  3. To permanent block the catch depth memory.
    • Make sure NETWORK MODE in the machine is set as "Master" in menu E651
    • Enter COOPERATION menu E652. Choose "Disable"
    • In older firmware (and optional in later) reset the NETWORK MODE E651 to "OFF"

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